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Sleeveless cotton choli - blue jeansSleeveless cotton choli

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Sleeveless cotton choli - denim blue Lavender  
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Pedralta cholis are acknowledged worldwide as the very best fit in dance tops. They're suitable for all sorts of activities: dance, yoga, hooping, pilates, aerobics being just a few. They're also great for festival wear, holiday wear and clubbing.

"I just love the fit of your cholis" (Meliai Tribal Dancer)

I originally developed the sleeveless ones for practice wear, but I'm completely hooked on them now and so is the troupe. We wear them under a coin bra. They just add a little extra something so you don't feel you're dancing in your undies.

Plus, they add a great splash of colour to a black coin bra.

Because we add that extra layer to the front, you get extra support and coverage (low nippleage factor :) so they're safe to wear even without a bra, although, because there's good coverage at the back too, you could wear a halter bra underneath if you prefer.

"They fit like a dream" (Lynda, Winnipeg, Canada)

Each piece is individually hand made. We don't outsource to sweatshops anywhere in the world. You're buying a hand crafted product, made in the UK.

Small is suitable for UK sizes 6-14 with A or B bra sizes

Medium is suitable for UK sizes 12-16 with C or D bra sizes

Goddess (Large) is suitable for UK sizes 16+ (or over 5' 7" / 170cm) with E+ bra size

Medium weight, fabulous quality cotton stretch fabric 94% cotton 6% lycra

A Goddess choli is a custom order as they are made to order, and take about 3 weeks.

'One-off' designs are available in our Esty shop.

All cholis are hand crafted in the UK Made in the UK

Sleeveless cotton choli - lavender

Tips on fitting your Pedralta choli

Pedralta cholis are designed to fit a whole range of shapes and sizes. The soft stretchy fabric moulds to fit your curves. The fronts are cut very low and depending on your height, you may feel a little exposed.

The fronts are designed to be long enough to accommodate taller dancers. If you want a little more coverage in the front, try adding a few stitches to the "V" at the front. This can make all the difference and create a fit that’s right for you and gives you a little more support.

The fabric is so stretchy that it adjusts to give a great fit around arms and the generous stretch ties can accommodate most figures.

Pedralta cholis - Made by the elves who live in the skirting board!

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