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The quads

1.Grasp the middle of your right foot 2.Gently push your pelvis forward
3.Use a chair or wall to balance if you need to

Stretching the quads

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  1. Stand with your feet flat on floor. Grasp the middle of your right foot (not your toes).
  2. Bring your foot up behind you (keeping your knees together and your back straight). Gently push your pelvis forward.
  3. Use a chair or wall to balance if you need to, as this involves standing on one leg.  Repeat the move on the left side.


  • Caution: Before trying any movements or exercises on this site, please read the safety page.
  • Remember to keep the supporting leg slightly bent.
  • Hold for at least 10 seconds.
  • You should feel a stretch down the front of your thigh.
  • This stretch can be done lying face down on the floor and bringing the leg up behind you towards the buttock. Relax into the floor.

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